My Approach

I care deeply about my work, all I ask is for you to trust me and allow me to be creative.

I don’t believe in stiff or awkwardly posed photographs and will always do my best to put you at ease in front of the camera, I will probably tell you to ignore me (apart from when I’m talking to you of course!).

I am based mainly in the Lake District and surrounding area but happy to travel out of my comfort zone!

When it comes to children’s photography, if you’re thinking that your kids won’t sit still then let me reassure you none of the children I photograph ever do, in fact that’s the fun. We run around, play and sometimes get muddy but most importantly I let them be themselves whatever their personality.

I am very lucky to have a glamorous assistant to hand for many of my shoots, this is my eldest daughter Lucy. This is especially helpful for weddings as it enables us to capture the day from two different perspectives and let’s be honest, is jolly useful when a bride can’t get into her wedding dress due to the bridesmaids not knowing how to do it (yes, true story and more common than you may think!).

It is my job to take the worry out of your wedding day, with regards to your photography anyway (I can’t guarantee the rest I’m afraid). I work in an unobtrusive way, capturing real moments as they happen with as little intervention as possible and maybe a bit of sneaking around. I will give you direction if I need to, being the most awkward of people in front of a camera means I understand what it feels like.

My commercial work focuses on portraiture and creative projects where I am able to work closely with clients to develop strong visual identities around their brand or product. My aim is always to create imagery that is unique to the client, making even the mundane more interesting. I can undertake the whole process from conception right through to the final image.


Your photography is important to me, let’s create your story.